Changes for 2019

Hey everyone, I want to start by wishing you all a happy new year, and thank you for supporting me throughout 2018! Last year was a pretty huge year for my blog, going from a couple thousand followers at the start of the year, to coming into the new year with almost 10,000. Also, with the encouragement of Satine Phoenix, who I spoke to at a D&D meet, I started publishing on DMs Guild, which has gone great so far, thanks to all of your support. It was also pretty turbulent towards the end of last year, with the chaos of the big update to tumblr, and the resultant worry of a lot of people that this website would just die out.

For this week’s post, my first post of 2019, I’m not going to be making a regular homebrew post. Instead, I need to make a few major announcements about what I’m going to be doing with this blog, and why.

First of all, towards the end of last year, I started a new job, which for one thing has massively improved my quality of life (I’m now working in an archive and I’ve got to look at some amazing historical documents and artifacts that are kept in a lot of different archives over London). The other huge effect of this job is that it’s taking up a lot more of my time than my previous job. As such, the amount of time I have to work on this blog is considerably less than it was with my previous job. I’ve been able to keep up with weekly content up to this point mostly by backlog and working alongside all the new Ravnica releases, but at this point weekly content is becoming pretty difficult for me to continue alongside everything else going on in my life.

Content: After a lot of thought I’ve decided to continue to post on some Saturdays, but not every Saturday anymore. I’m not going to stop updating this blog, but there will be some weeks when I just won’t be posting anything. I’m also going to be working to produce higher-quality content, with the intention to publish a lot more on DMsGuild, after the initial success with Ravnica Races Expanded. So for future content, expect posts on Saturdays (though not every Saturday), and more higher-quality content available on DMs Guild.

Patreon: I’ve had a Patreon for a while, but over the past few months it’s become harder and more stressful for me to maintain that as well as this blog, and the amount I have been able to post on there has declined heavily, mostly because of how busy I’ve been with my new job. So I’ve decided to stop updating my Patreon. I’d encourage everyone who is currently supporting me there to stop paying for it, as I can’t continue to reliably post there, and I would feel like I’m short changing anyone who continues to support me there. 

With the New Year, I’m also going to boost other content creators who I have been working alongside, or with the help of over the past year.

  • @5ecardaday produces loads of MTG-themed D&D homebrew, and if you’re looking for regular content, they’re definitely a person worth following.
  • @vorthosjay helped me with a lot of Magic the Gathering lore in creating my content last year, and has really helped me with the launch of my twitter by sharing my content over there. If you’re someone interested in Magic the Gathering lore, I can’t recommend enough also following @thevorthoscast, my favourite MTG lore podcast, which Jay is a part of.
  • @stickyhunter is one of my closest friends, and I’ve commissioned her for art for my original content (such as all the art featured in Ravnica Races Expanded), my cover art and profile picture here, and for character art for my D&D groups. She has a really neat style for character art, and I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking to commission art of your own D&D group.

So thanks again, all of you who have supported me by following throughout 2018, and I hope 2019 is fantastic for all of you. I’ve got exciting plans in the works, that I can’t wait to share with you throughout the coming year.

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