Hey everyone, another con announcement! I’m going to be at PAX Unplugged today and the rest of this weekend! If you see me, come chat about MTG and RPGs, and I have a commander deck with me too! Look out for my blue hair and my buddy @votiveviscera ’s red hair!

Races of Ravnica – Gorgon and Vampire (Download) You can find all of my Ravnica content here, including player races for Ravnica’s elves here, and Kraul and Weirds here! [DMs Guild] – [Patreon] – [Twitter] – [Ko-fi] I’ve been working on these two for a while, but this week I’ve finally been able to consolidate … Continue reading

5ecardaday: 5ecardaday: Helm of the Host- Wondrous item (helm), legendary (requires attunement) An incredibly-crafted steel helm, polished so finely that it reflects images like a mirror. This helm is very wide, almost reminiscent of a crown, and is shaped with four blank faces, two on each side of the wearer’s own. When you attune to this … Continue reading

On an unexpected yet very serious note, I’m aware of the trouble this site is having at the moment. I’ve archived all of my content in case tumblr has further serious issues making my content less accessible (I’m prepared to move to another blogging format if it does). The issue of posts with links not … Continue reading

God of War Valkyries in D&D (Download) My valkyrie designs follow the “unique but similar” statblock design for the Elder Dinosaurs from Plane Shift Ixalan, giving a base statblock with extensions for each different valkyrie. In the same way as how they are presented in God of War, each of the Valkyries can appear along … Continue reading

Roguish Archetype – Highwayman – Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

Roguish Archetype – Highwayman, available on DMsGuild! (Download) This week I’m proud to be releasing my first ever content on DMsGuild, and first completely original work! This roguish archetype is focused on surprise armed intimidation, gaining a sneak attack-like bonus to intimidating creatures that were unaware of the highwayman character at the start of its … Continue reading Roguish Archetype – Highwayman – Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

Dragonlords of Tarkir in D&D: Kolaghan

Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury (Art by Jaime Jones) In her Fate Reforged form, Kolaghan is modelled on the same power level as the other dragonlords, CR 20. For her ability, which on her card grants +1/+0 to  each attacking creature for each  attacking dragon, I felt that extra lightning damage would work well for that and produce … Continue reading Dragonlords of Tarkir in D&D: Kolaghan

Vampires of Darkest Dungeon in D&D: The Baron

Morbid Entertainment. The Baron came to the courtyard as an entertainer, bringing performances appropriate to the depravity of the noble guests, vile even before they transformed into their present bloodsucking forms. The Baron’s performances delighted guests, as he pushed each new batch of performers through ever more suffering and humiliation than those who expired in every … Continue reading Vampires of Darkest Dungeon in D&D: The Baron

Hey folks, just a quick announcement that I’m going to be at MCM Comic Con in London this weekend! I’m cosplaying Percy from Critical Role. Here’s what my cosplay looks like; if you see me, feel free to come over and say hi!