Cleric Divine Domain – Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage (Download) This week I’m continuing my Ravnica Guildmage subclasses cycle, featuring the last guild featured in the Return to Ravnica set, the Selesnya Conclave, with the Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage. For this design, I found that emulating the Selesnya’s main mechanics (in particular, multiplying creatures) in D&D proved to not mesh … Continue reading

Cleric Divine Domain – Revelry (Download) Although I’ve been working on the Ravnica Guildmage subclasses for a while, I thought I’d break up that pattern of subclasses with something a little different. I’m a big fan of Theros, and it was the first magic block that I played, so I thought it was about time … Continue reading

Deities of Amonkhet in D&D

It’s release day for Amonkhet!  I thought I’d make a small Amonkhet homebrew post before the normal Saturday content tomorrow, so here are the gods of Amonkhet represented in D&D: Oketra the True Alignment: Lawful GoodSuggested Domains: Life, LightSymbol: Cat Kefnet the MindfulAlignment: Lawful NeutralSuggested Domains: Knowledge, TrickerySymbol: Ibis Rhonas the IndomitableAlignment: Lawful NeutralSuggested Domains: NatureSymbol: Cobra Bontu the … Continue reading Deities of Amonkhet in D&D

Split-spells of Amonkhet in D&D, Part 1

It’s prerelease weekend! With release weekend next week, I’m planning on two weeks of Amonkhet-related homebrew content to celebrate. I thought that one cool thing to try would be some of Amonkhet’s split spells, so here are a selection of those translated to D&D: Destined2nd-level enchantmentCasting Time: 1 reaction, which you can take when a … Continue reading Split-spells of Amonkhet in D&D, Part 1

Instant and Sorcery spells of Zendikar in D&D

Something new for this blog, homebrew spells! I thought I’d start with Zendikar, as I’ve been working with that setting a lot. Chain Reaction4th-level evocationCasting Time: 1 actionRange: 10 feetComponents: SDuration: InstantaneousA bolt of lightning blasts from your palms, arcing between enemies and allies alike. Choose one target. All creatures within 5 feet of that … Continue reading Instant and Sorcery spells of Zendikar in D&D