Creatures of Ravnica Part 1: Izzet and Rakdos

I realise that with all these subclasses I’m working on for Ravnica, you might want to play a campaign in that setting! While a lot of D&D’s standard creatures will fit smoothly into the setting, there are some things that are truly unique creatures to Ravnica. So, here are a few creatures to go with … Continue reading Creatures of Ravnica Part 1: Izzet and Rakdos

Bard College – Rix Maadi Guildmage (Download) A continuation of my cycle of Ravnica’s guildmages, here is my take on Rix Maadi Guildmage as a bard subclass. Initially, I considered this guildmage as a Warlock subclass, but seeing as the cult of Rakdos are entertainers first and foremost, a bard subclass would be much more appropriate.  … Continue reading