God of War Valkyries in D&D (Download) My valkyrie designs follow the “unique but similar” statblock design for the Elder Dinosaurs from Plane Shift Ixalan, giving a base statblock with extensions for each different valkyrie. In the same way as how they are presented in God of War, each of the Valkyries can appear along … Continue reading

God of War in D&D: Draugr

Forsaking Valhalla. The Draugr are what remains of warriors so filled with rage that they refused the call of the valkyries. Instead of their rightful place in Valhalla, the draugr now wander the world of the living, broken and distorted by the rage they carry within them. Undead Nature. Draugr do not require air, food, drink … Continue reading God of War in D&D: Draugr