Guilds of Ravnica D&D Feats

These feats are inspired by some of the new cards and mechanics featured in Guilds of Ravnica. That said, all of these feats are designed so that they can also be used in any other setting. Jump-Start (Beamsplitter Mage by Svetlin Velinov) Prerequisite: The ability to prepare spellsYou can frantically focus your concentration for spellcasting, discarding … Continue reading Guilds of Ravnica D&D Feats

Player’s Companion – Ixalan Expanded (Download) With Dominaria’s release next week, this week’s post is a farewell (for the time being) to one of my favourite planes: Ixalan. I’ve been working on this compilation for a pretty long time, and it includes Feats, Spells, Magic Items, Weapons, class modifications and variant rules. With the designs here … Continue reading