Competitors of Kylem: Gorm and Virtus

This week I’m looking at Kylem again, to present some competition for when your players go into the arena of Valor’s Reach. So here are their first opponents: Gorm the Great, and Virtus the Veiled! Gorm the Great . Virtus the Veiled Look at that! Two rough and tumble rowdy boys! Both of these designs … Continue reading Competitors of Kylem:
Gorm and Virtus

Player’s Companion – Kylem – Updated Version (Download) After the release of the World of Battlebond article, I realised there were a few tweaks that were necessary for my Player’s Companion to better suit the setting. I’ve added some extra rules for scoring points in combat (including style points), and that all characters from Kylem start knowing sign … Continue reading

UPDATED VERSION HERE Player’s Companion – Kylem (Download) As I figured a plane-shift for Kylem, the setting of Battlebond wasn’t likely, I thought I’d develop my own to go with the release of the set. This compilation includes rules of play for the arena, variant environments that the arena can form, as well as magic items, and … Continue reading