Ravnica Races Expanded – Now available on DMsGuild!

Now available on DMsGuild! This week, I’m pleased to announce my latest DMsGuild publication! Ravnica Races Expanded compiles updated versions of my existing Ravnica player races (Gorgon, Vampire, Kraul and Sentient Weird), with two new additions: Dryads and Faeries! This piece features art by @stickyhunter, and is available now on DMsGuild here for $2. [Tumblr] – [DMs Guild] – [Patreon] – [Twitter] – [Ko-fi]

Races of Ravnica – Kraul and Weird Version 2 (Download) The original being one of my most popular player race posts, I’ve updated my rules for the Kraul and Weird, with the help of some wonderful feedback. Extra thanks to @morbidlyqueerious​, who sent some really valuable ! KraulWith this update, Kraul characters are more balanced in … Continue reading

UPDATED TO VERSION 2 Races of Ravnica – Kraul and Weird (Download) It’s been a few weeks since my last Ravnica subclass, so this week I’m heading back to the city plane for some more content to expand that which I’ve already created for Golgari and Izzet. This time, instead of NPC creatures or classes, … Continue reading