Vampires of Darkest Dungeon in D&D: The Baron

Morbid Entertainment. The Baron came to the courtyard as an entertainer, bringing performances appropriate to the depravity of the noble guests, vile even before they transformed into their present bloodsucking forms. The Baron’s performances delighted guests, as he pushed each new batch of performers through ever more suffering and humiliation than those who expired in every … Continue reading Vampires of Darkest Dungeon in D&D: The Baron

God of War in D&D: Draugr

Forsaking Valhalla. The Draugr are what remains of warriors so filled with rage that they refused the call of the valkyries. Instead of their rightful place in Valhalla, the draugr now wander the world of the living, broken and distorted by the rage they carry within them. Undead Nature. Draugr do not require air, food, drink … Continue reading God of War in D&D: Draugr

Izzet Spells in D&D: Wacky Wizardry

More Ravnica content this week, as I take on designs for some of the more wild magic used by the Izzet League. These spells are all designed to fit the Izzet theme of mad science, in that they have a main effect to them, but also “side effects” that add an extra twist to the … Continue reading Izzet Spells in D&D:
Wacky Wizardry

Roguish Archetype – Dimir Agent (Download) I’ve got a lot of content on the way to coincide with the release of the Guilds of Ravnica block and the Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, this week a rogue subclass for Dimir agents. This is effectively the next part of my guildmage cycle, but I’m departing from calling … Continue reading