Races of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor: Elves (Download) For my first player-race design from the fey-heavy setting of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor, I wanted to start with an archetypal fey race, the elves. Lorwyn and Shadowmoor’s elves are however, pretty different to D&D’s standard elves. Aside from their appearance that includes horns and legs ending in hooves, … Continue reading

D&D Premade Character Sheets: The Original Weatherlight Crew

Following on from my design for the Skyship Weatherlight in D&D last week, this week I’ve designed character sheets for playing as some of the most iconic members of the Weatherlight crew. (Click the names for download links) Gerrard Capashen Captain Sisay Hanna, Ship’s Navigator Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist Tahngarth, Talruum Hero Orim, Samite Healer Bonus: … Continue reading D&D Premade Character Sheets:
The Original Weatherlight Crew

Skyship Weatherlight in D&D (Download) For the release week of Dominaria, I decided to make my first rules set for a vehicle with the most iconic one in magic’s history: The Skyship Weatherlight. This design works using the rules for Airborne and Waterborne Vehicles found on page 119 of the Dungeon Mater’s Guide. The additional … Continue reading

Player’s Companion – Ixalan Expanded (Download) With Dominaria’s release next week, this week’s post is a farewell (for the time being) to one of my favourite planes: Ixalan. I’ve been working on this compilation for a pretty long time, and it includes Feats, Spells, Magic Items, Weapons, class modifications and variant rules. With the designs here … Continue reading

Spells of Innistrad in D&D: Triskaidekaphobia

This post is going up on the day after a Friday the 13th! Spooky! So this week, I thought I’d make a compilation of Innistrad’s spells that reference the number 13.  Army of the Damned8th-level necromancyCasting Time: 1 minuteRange: 10 feetComponents: S, V, M (a piece of rotting flesh)Duration: Instantaneous Choose exactly 13 humanoid corpses … Continue reading Spells of Innistrad in D&D: Triskaidekaphobia

Spells of Ravnica in D&D

Now that I have uploaded homebrew Guildmage subclasses for each of the five guilds present in the set Return to Ravnica, this week I’ve created some spells to go with them! These spells are a combination of spells I thought would be interesting to design, and some of the guilds’ most iconic spells. Abrupt Decay3rd-level … Continue reading Spells of Ravnica in D&D

Cleric Divine Domain – Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage (Download) This week I’m continuing my Ravnica Guildmage subclasses cycle, featuring the last guild featured in the Return to Ravnica set, the Selesnya Conclave, with the Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage. For this design, I found that emulating the Selesnya’s main mechanics (in particular, multiplying creatures) in D&D proved to not mesh … Continue reading

Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 4

As next week is the one-year anniversary of me starting this blog(!), I’m delving back into the original set of posts that I this blog with, bringing more magic and mundane items from Zendikar! When I first started this cycle, it was a project of a few evenings after work that went up on my … Continue reading Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 4

Races of Theros – Satyr and Gorgon (Download) The Satyr race took inspiration from the standard Monster Manual rules for a Satyr, along with the rules for goats, which provided a base of the Sure-Footed ability, which I felt was flavourful both because satyrs have goats’ legs, and are likely to be pretty good at keeping … Continue reading

Races of Kamigawa – Akki (Goblins) and Orochi (Snakefolk) (Download) Carrying on from my previous Kamigawa post, here are two more races unique to the plane of Kamigawa: the armoured akki goblins, and the four-armed orochi-bito snake folk. The akki rules set took some inspiration from Plane Shift Zendikar’s goblin rules, but with in the case … Continue reading