Ravnica Races Expanded – Now available on DMsGuild!

Now available on DMsGuild! This week, I’m pleased to announce my latest DMsGuild publication! Ravnica Races Expanded compiles updated versions of my existing Ravnica player races (Gorgon, Vampire, Kraul and Sentient Weird), with two new additions: Dryads and Faeries! This piece features art by @stickyhunter, and is available now on DMsGuild here for $2. [Tumblr] – [DMs Guild] – [Patreon] – [Twitter] – [Ko-fi]

Races of Ravnica – Gorgon and Vampire (Download) You can find all of my Ravnica content here, including player races for Ravnica’s elves here, and Kraul and Weirds here! [DMs Guild] – [Patreon] – [Twitter] – [Ko-fi] I’ve been working on these two for a while, but this week I’ve finally been able to consolidate … Continue reading

Races of Kamigawa (Download) All of my Kamigawa player races are now up! I’ve revamped my older Kamigawa player races, and added player races for the two I hadn’t yet designed – humans, who use the variant human rules from the player’s handbook, and kitsune.  Designing the kitsune, I didn’t initially have any lore to … Continue reading

Races of Lorwyn & Shadowmoor – Elementals (Download) My design for Flamekin and Cinders leaned on some inpiration from the mechanics of both fire genasi (naturally) and Azer, a creature that have a constantly burning flame as part of their body in a similar way to Flamekin. One thing I wanted to have as a … Continue reading

Player’s Companion – Homarids (Download) As the Dominaria art book is released this week, I thought I’d make some more Dominaria content to coincide with it, and as they’re one of the lesser-known fan favourites, I felt Homarids would be a fun thing to design. For designing the player race, aside from the mechanics that … Continue reading

Is there any chance you could make the Homunculi from Kylem a playable race? ofc it’s up to you I just thought it’d be cool to play as an eyeball with arms+legs

Hey so I had a little free time and thought this would be a fun thing to throw together between other bigger projects, so here you go! You can download it a PDF version here. You can find all my Battlebond/Kylem content here! If you want to support my work, you can make a donation to my … Continue reading Is there any chance you could make the Homunculi from Kylem a playable race? ofc it’s up to you I just thought it’d be cool to play as an eyeball with arms+legs

Races of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor: Elves (Download) For my first player-race design from the fey-heavy setting of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor, I wanted to start with an archetypal fey race, the elves. Lorwyn and Shadowmoor’s elves are however, pretty different to D&D’s standard elves. Aside from their appearance that includes horns and legs ending in hooves, … Continue reading

Races of Theros – Satyr and Gorgon (Download) The Satyr race took inspiration from the standard Monster Manual rules for a Satyr, along with the rules for goats, which provided a base of the Sure-Footed ability, which I felt was flavourful both because satyrs have goats’ legs, and are likely to be pretty good at keeping … Continue reading

Races of Kamigawa – Akki (Goblins) and Orochi (Snakefolk) (Download) Carrying on from my previous Kamigawa post, here are two more races unique to the plane of Kamigawa: the armoured akki goblins, and the four-armed orochi-bito snake folk. The akki rules set took some inspiration from Plane Shift Zendikar’s goblin rules, but with in the case … Continue reading

Races of Kamigawa – Soratami (Moonfolk) and Nezumi (Ratfolk) (Download) As I’m currently putting together a Rats commander deck, I thought now would be the perfect time to make my first post looking at Kamigawa, presenting my stats for two of the Plane’s unique races, Moonfolk and Ratfolk. The Soratami rules took a lot of … Continue reading