Spells of Ravnica in D&D

Now that I have uploaded homebrew Guildmage subclasses for each of the five guilds present in the set Return to Ravnica, this week I’ve created some spells to go with them! These spells are a combination of spells I thought would be interesting to design, and some of the guilds’ most iconic spells. Abrupt Decay3rd-level … Continue reading Spells of Ravnica in D&D

Creatures of Ravnica Part 1: Izzet and Rakdos

I realise that with all these subclasses I’m working on for Ravnica, you might want to play a campaign in that setting! While a lot of D&D’s standard creatures will fit smoothly into the setting, there are some things that are truly unique creatures to Ravnica. So, here are a few creatures to go with … Continue reading Creatures of Ravnica Part 1: Izzet and Rakdos

Bard College – Rix Maadi Guildmage (Download) A continuation of my cycle of Ravnica’s guildmages, here is my take on Rix Maadi Guildmage as a bard subclass. Initially, I considered this guildmage as a Warlock subclass, but seeing as the cult of Rakdos are entertainers first and foremost, a bard subclass would be much more appropriate.  … Continue reading