5ecardaday: 5ecardaday: Helm of the Host- Wondrous item (helm), legendary (requires attunement) An incredibly-crafted steel helm, polished so finely that it reflects images like a mirror. This helm is very wide, almost reminiscent of a crown, and is shaped with four blank faces, two on each side of the wearer’s own. When you attune to this … Continue reading

Welcome to The Tales of Bris’Talamh

tales-of-bristalamh: Greetings and salutations, This is the Tales of Bris’Talamh, my new blog and personal project for the next several weeks. This blog is a personal challenge to express myself creatively in a public setting. Here I will be constructing a full works right up of Bris’Talamh, a complete Campaign Setting for 5th Edition Dungeon … Continue reading Welcome to The Tales of Bris’Talamh

chillithid: Roguish Archetype: Lightbringer Finally, this blog is back to making and posting content. I’ll try to post something about twice a month, usually every other weekend. This subclass is something I’ve had on the backburner for a long time, inspired by several unrelated characters and classes in various video games. The idea I wanted … Continue reading

The Homebrewery – NaturalCrit

lucianofsamosata: Inspired by @kor-artificer‘s ravnica subclasses, I created a Warlock Patron entry for the one being who we all know as of late. This is great! I’ll have to say I was initially surprised that it’s a Warlock subclass as opposed to Cleric, but I really like what you’ve done with it! The Homebrewery – … Continue reading The Homebrewery – NaturalCrit

Innistrad — Fateful Items

chillithid: Inspired greatly by @kor-artificer, this is my first crack at some of the various items of Innistrad. These have been chosen specifically because they seemed like interesting artifacts to design something for, and I do not intend to make a complete set of designs for all artifacts or even all equipment from Innistrad. Mask … Continue reading Innistrad — Fateful Items