Guilds of Ravnica D&D Feats

These feats are inspired by some of the new cards and mechanics featured in Guilds of Ravnica. That said, all of these feats are designed so that they can also be used in any other setting. Jump-Start (Beamsplitter Mage by Svetlin Velinov) Prerequisite: The ability to prepare spellsYou can frantically focus your concentration for spellcasting, discarding … Continue reading Guilds of Ravnica D&D Feats

Kamigawa Magic Items

Hair-Strung Koto (Art by Rebecca Guay)Wondrous Item – Very Rare (requires attunement by a Bard)This cursed koto carries a haunting tenseness to every tune it is used to play, transfixing the musician and their audience as the musician slowly cuts away their fingers on its razor-sharp strings. You can use an action to begin playing a … Continue reading Kamigawa Magic Items

Races of Kamigawa (Download) All of my Kamigawa player races are now up! I’ve revamped my older Kamigawa player races, and added player races for the two I hadn’t yet designed – humans, who use the variant human rules from the player’s handbook, and kitsune.  Designing the kitsune, I didn’t initially have any lore to … Continue reading