Ravnica in D&D: Experiment Kraj

The End of Evolution. Experiment Kraj was a mutant ooze constructed from a mass of highly-mutable cells, designed to adapt based on any other mutant created by the Simic combine. With this trait, the Simic planned to use experiment Kraj as the ultimate mutable creature. Apex Predator Let Loose. Shortly after its creation, experiment Kraj’s activation … Continue reading Ravnica in D&D: Experiment Kraj

Races of Ravnica – Elves (Download) I really enjoyed designing last week’s post (Races of Ravnica – Kraul and Weirds, which I’m also planning to revise at some point soon), I’ve decided to continue creating player character races for Ravnica, this time with the three elven cultures of the city plane. The main base I … Continue reading

Frogs of MTG in D&D

Folks who know me personally will know that frogs are probably my favourite animals, and since it’s my birthday on Monday July 3rd, I thought I’d do something a little self-indulgent. So, following the Gitrog post, I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday by celebrating my love of frogs, making more of … Continue reading Frogs of MTG in D&D