Warlock Otherworldly Patron: The Outsider (Download) With Death of the Outsider released yesterday, I thought this would be the ideal time to post something I’ve been working on for a very long time: an Outsider subclass for D&D.  This subclass is intended to reflect common features of those marked by the Outsider, but focusing specifically … Continue reading

Wizard Arcane Tradition: Nivix Guildmage, Version 2 (Download) This post was suggested by one of the winners of my 1000 follower celebration, @sarkhan-punbroken!  The focus for this subclass was to mirror common Izzet themes. In particular, the Research and Development ability is based on the Nivix Guildmage card ability of “draw a card, then discard a … Continue reading

Cleric Divine Domain: Eternal Pilgrim Hey look at that, I’ve designed another subclass based on a Kor character! This is a subclass I’ve been working on since before I started this blog, and I’m finally happy with it. The Eternal Pilgrim subclass draws on several sources for inspiration. First and foremost is naturally Ayli, Eternal … Continue reading

Fighter Archetype – Stoneforge Mystic by Kor-Artificer This is my first go at creating a subclass, and since I’ve been working with the Zendikar setting, I thought I’d go for one of the most iconic and popular creatures of the Zendikar sets. It’s inspired by both the card Stoneforge Mystic, and the different portrayals of … Continue reading