Zur the Enchanter in D&D

Zur The Enchanter (Art by Josu Hernaiz) My design supposes that Zur did, as many of his followers believed, achieve immortality (or something close to it, as many powerful spellcasters on Dominaria do), and still wanders the frozen wastes of Dominaria’s northernmost continent. Staff of the Frozen Wastes Staff, Very Rare (requires attunement by a sorcerer, … Continue reading Zur the Enchanter in D&D

Wizard Arcane Tradition – Azorius Lawmage Version 2 (Download) I’ve done some pretty extensive changes to this subclass compared to the original version, with the Detain ability now having an easier escape clause to make it less of an instant death for an affected character. I also added more detail to the Null and Void … Continue reading

UPDATED TO VERSION 2 Wizard Arcane Tradition – New Prahv Guildmage (Download) For those who love playing lawful neutral characters, this addition to my Ravnica Guildmage Subclasses presents everything you need to play a lawmage of the Azorius Senate. This subclass was designed with the Azorius playstyle in mind, giving the player a way to … Continue reading

kor-artificer: Wizard Arcane Tradition: Nivix Guildmage, Version 2 (Download) This post was suggested by one of the winners of my 1000 follower celebration, @sarkhan-punbroken!  The focus for this subclass was to mirror common Izzet themes. In particular, the Research and Development ability is based on the Nivix Guildmage card ability of “draw a card, then discard … Continue reading

Creatures of Commander 2017 in D&D: Inalla, Archmage Ritualist

Inalla, Archmage Ritualist Inalla’s abilitiy scores, skills and spells list were based on the Archmage (of course), and the different wizard creatures presented in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Working off her card more directly, the Arcane Ritual ability, based on the card’s second ability, allows her to deal damage and regain spell slots, perfect for … Continue reading Creatures of Commander 2017 in D&D: Inalla, Archmage Ritualist

Creatures of Commander 2017 in D&D

Commander 2017 was released yesterday, so this week’s post is going to focus on some of the cool new Vampires, Wizards, Cats and Dragons that we’ve seen in the new set. As each of them is a particularly powerful creature, they all have somewhat large statblocks, so I’m posting them as four separate posts: Edgar … Continue reading Creatures of Commander 2017 in D&D

Split-spells of Amonkhet in D&D, Part 1

It’s prerelease weekend! With release weekend next week, I’m planning on two weeks of Amonkhet-related homebrew content to celebrate. I thought that one cool thing to try would be some of Amonkhet’s split spells, so here are a selection of those translated to D&D: Destined2nd-level enchantmentCasting Time: 1 reaction, which you can take when a … Continue reading Split-spells of Amonkhet in D&D, Part 1