Sorcerous Origin – Roilmage (Download) This week I’m revisiting a subclass design I came up with before I actually started this blog, and just rediscovered my plans for! It’s been tweaked heavily compared to the initial design of over a year ago, but I’ve finally been able to turn it into a design I’m really … Continue reading

Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 4

As next week is the one-year anniversary of me starting this blog(!), I’m delving back into the original set of posts that I this blog with, bringing more magic and mundane items from Zendikar! When I first started this cycle, it was a project of a few evenings after work that went up on my … Continue reading Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 4

Frogs of MTG in D&D

Folks who know me personally will know that frogs are probably my favourite animals, and since it’s my birthday on Monday July 3rd, I thought I’d do something a little self-indulgent. So, following the Gitrog post, I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday by celebrating my love of frogs, making more of … Continue reading Frogs of MTG in D&D

Cleric Divine Domain: Eternal Pilgrim Hey look at that, I’ve designed another subclass based on a Kor character! This is a subclass I’ve been working on since before I started this blog, and I’m finally happy with it. The Eternal Pilgrim subclass draws on several sources for inspiration. First and foremost is naturally Ayli, Eternal … Continue reading

Instant and Sorcery spells of Zendikar in D&D

Something new for this blog, homebrew spells! I thought I’d start with Zendikar, as I’ve been working with that setting a lot. Chain Reaction4th-level evocationCasting Time: 1 actionRange: 10 feetComponents: SDuration: InstantaneousA bolt of lightning blasts from your palms, arcing between enemies and allies alike. Choose one target. All creatures within 5 feet of that … Continue reading Instant and Sorcery spells of Zendikar in D&D

Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 Delving back into equipment design after an equipment-adjacent post with the Stoneforge Mystic fighter archetype last week, I thought this week I’d make some more Zendikar equipment items. Blazing Torch5cp, 1lbThis torch burns for one hour, providing bright light in a 30-foot radius, and dim light for an additional 30 feet. … Continue reading Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 3

Fighter Archetype – Stoneforge Mystic by Kor-Artificer This is my first go at creating a subclass, and since I’ve been working with the Zendikar setting, I thought I’d go for one of the most iconic and popular creatures of the Zendikar sets. It’s inspired by both the card Stoneforge Mystic, and the different portrayals of … Continue reading